Project Management Services

At ERIE Press Systems, project management and organization has been a crucial part of our effort to deliver quality to meet your needs while keeping you on-schedule. Our project managers act as liaison between you and us, between you and your project. By having one point of contact you always know where to turn when you have questions, change orders, or you just want a progress update.

Our project managers act as the head of an engineering team that will work on delivering a turnkey solution to your manufacturing challenge. In addition to the manager, your project will have a design leader. This means he will be able to dedicate his attention to your project. The design leader will oversee every aspect of design and manufacturing to ensure that we execute every detail to the precise specifications required.

Project managers are also responsible for creating a critical path schedule for your project. ERIE Press Systems uses critical path scheduling to lay out a sequence of deadlines that minimizes slack time and optimizes productivity. It will tell us the most critical element at any given step, allowing the project manager to adjust lead times to make sure nothing holds up the project.

Organizing our staff into teams with a project manager also means that there will be one person responsible for seeing your project through. This is especially useful for complex systems or turnkey projects requiring erection, installation and runoff at your facility. Having overseen every step from beginning to end, they will be familiar with your project, and perhaps more importantly, be familiar with you. This allows us to work cooperatively with your company to achieve a desired solution to your manufacturing challenges. Our project management ensures that you will receive exceptional service and quality.

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