Our Forging Press Design Process & Design Tools

At ERIE Press Systems, we combine the expertise of experienced engineers and designers with state-of-the-art technologies, and our forging press design tools are no exception. We handle a wide range of engineering processes including mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic, and software design for complex integrated forging and forming systems, and we tackle projects such as finite element analysis, hydraulic controls, electrical/electronic controls, tool & process development, plant layouts, foundations, and contact engineering. Consequently, we must keep a wide array of forging press design tools at our disposal.

Forging Press Design DrawingOur forging press design tools include MathCAD®, Solidworks®, ANSYS®, AutoCad®, and AutoCad® Electrical. These tools, among others, allow us to develop 3D renderings of all aspects of our forging presses before we ever begin the production phase. Modeling the presses before we begin development allows us to guarantee accuracy and to cross check our specifications with your requirements. This ensures your complete satisfaction with every job.

While many companies would be content with those forging press design tools, ERIE Press Systems goes a step beyond. As part of our commitment to continued self-improvement we have developed our very own custom software programs to assist our design engineers. The results of our extensive experience with designing and manufacturing forging and forming equipment are program tailored to help us efficiently perform structural calculations, optimization of fabrications, section analyses, deflection and stress calculations, cost estimating, and more. Combined with our other design tools, it becomes a potent recipe for efficiency and quality of design.

In addition to our forging press design tools, ERIE Press Systems offers over 100 years of experience and some of the best engineers in the business. We know that our state-of-the-art equipment is useless without good people. That's why we have developed extensive formalized training for all employees from engineering to assembly floor. This ensures that we take full advantage of our design tools and that we always deliver the absolute best in craftsmanship.

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