In 2001, ERIE Press Systems sought to expand its capabilities in order to add product and better serve our customers. To that aim, we acquired the intellectual property assets of L&F Industries, Inc. of California, including the intellectual property assets of L&F’s subsidiaries, Hufford and Sheridan Gray. As a preeminent designer of special application presses for the aerospace, automotive, and passenger rail industries, among others, L&F’s technological prowess and practical know how both complimented ERIE's current operations while supplementing our already comprehensive list of services and products.

As one of two suppliers worldwide of hydraulic presses for superplastic forming/diffusion bonding, hot forming and stretch forming processes, L&F has been an invaluable addition to ERIE Press Systems. Moreover, as a company with over thirty years of experience and some of the best machinery and control designers in North America, L&F added a new category of expertise to ERIE's already impressive engineering and design credentials.

The addition of these state-of-the-art processes has allowed us to bring the quality products and services of ERIE Press Systems to new markets and applications, such as military and commercial jet manufacturing.
The acquisition of the intellectual property assets of L&F exemplifies the tradition of growth and evolution that has defined the more than a century long history of ERIE Press Systems, and it reflects our commitment to continual self-improvement in order to offer the best products and services possible to our customers.


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